Information about Ukraine adoption

If you want to sparkle your life and bring a child into your family by adopting an orphan - consider adoption from Ukraine, a beautiful country with wonderful hospitable people. You can adopt a child from Ukraine completely independent, but if you happen to need some assistance - we'll be happy to help. Together we will do it right!

Welcome to our site!

It is intended for those who pursue an independent adoption from Ukraine.

We live in Ukraine, and understand how difficult for a foreigner can be to navigate in a labyrinth of independent Ukrainian adoption law, and practices of handling international adoption cases in Ukraine. We realize how devastating can be a simple mistake in a document for adoption. How frustrating may be a contact with a bureaucrat in Ukraine. How valuable is smart and knowledgeable guidance through the reefs of independent Ukraine adoption.

General information about Ukraine adoption process

  • Singles are accepted.
  • No limitation on prospective adoption parents age.
  • 2-3 children simultaneously (just for siblings).
  • Total fee (including trip to Ukraine) is around $15 000 - $20 000.
Our Adoption Project is aimed to:

(a) create integrated resource for information regarding different aspects of independent Ukraine adoption;

(b) provide samples of documents for Ukraine adoption dossier;

(c) perform translation of US documents into Ukrainian language by a separate experienced team of translators in Ukraine to assure the highest quality of translations.

We want you to be able to find everything that you might need to adopt a child from Ukraine in one place.

We wish each and all of you to achieve your goal, and to reach a heart of a child somehow lost in life, and to give him a home, and to be a happy family, happy people. What can we do in life better than that?

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