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Ukrainian adoption documents with English translations

  • ORIGINALS of the adoption court decree and child's new birth certificate (they do not have to be apostilled for the time of the interview; originals will be returned to you)
  • A copy of the child's pre-adoption birth certificate accompanied by an English translation
  • A copy of abandonment documents: a court decree declaring that birth parents have no legal parental rights under Ukrainian law/abandonment letter/act, with an English translation
  • A copy of the Ukrainian adoption court decree accompanied by an English translation
  • A copy of the child's new birth certificate accompanied by English translation
  • A copy of the orphanage's medical report/medical history for the child
Forms to be completed prior to the interview; other requirements

  • Completed I-600 petition, with original signatures of both adopting parents
  • Completed immigrant visa application, Form DS-230, Parts I and II, signed by one parent on behalf of the child, in the presence of a consular officer
  • Completed "Acknowledgement of Health Problems of Adopted Child", signed in the presence of a consular officer at the Embassy or notarized in the U.S.
  • "Affidavit of Vaccinations Requirement Waiver" (only for children 10 and younger) signed in the presence of a consular officer or notarized in the U.S.
  • Immigrant visa fee of $335 for each child (if a second adopted child is unrelated to the first one, an additional I-600 application fee of $525 is also charged) - payable in U.S. cash only to the Embassy cashier
  • A copy of each adopting parent's passport
  • One 50 mm x 50 mm frontal facial view photograph of the child with light background on glossy paper, unretouched, and unmounted
  • Medical examination (sealed envelope) by an Embassy-designated panel physician (American Medical Center or Clinic of the Oil-Refining Industry of Ukraine)
  • Child's Ukrainian passport (original)
  • Parents' financial documents (last tax returns/W2/paystubs)

  • Form I-864 Affidavit of Support and supporting documentation. For instructions, please see
  • Certified copy of the approved home study
  • Evidence that the pre-adoption requirements of the adopting parents' state of residence have been met. (Pre-adoption requirements, if any, vary from state to state. Information on how to prove that these requirements have been met may be obtained from state and local officials who have jurisdiction in adoption matters, licensed public and private adoption agencies, or the USCIS office that has jurisdiction over the prospective adopting parent(s) residence.)
  • Evidence that re-adoption is legally possible in the parents' state of residence, if applicable.
  • A notarized statement from the parent who has not met the child that he or she intends to adopt this child in the United States (should contain the child's exact name)

  • Please check the box for each document only after you have obtained it.
  • All forms mentioned in this checklist are available on the Embassy's website: You can also request them by sending an e-mail to, or alternatively may pick them up at the Consular Section
  • Every non-English-language document must be accompanied by an official English translation. (Translations should be certified by a translator's or agency's stamp, or notarized.) English translations should be stapled or clipped to each corresponding Ukrainian document, but please do not staple ALL documents together.
  • Make sure to keep another full set of Ukrainian documents with English translations for your records. (Only the child's original birth certificate and adoption court decree will be returned to parents after the interview.) All other documents you submit to the Embassy will not be returned.

The document in RTF is avialable at USA Embassy site

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