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Ukrainian adoption news

Adoption law in Ukraine change quickly. We will inform you about that. So please check this page as often as you can.

November 23, 2005
Ukraine Government Announces Plans to Temporarily Suspend Adoptions

June 15, 2005
Ukraine Government Announces Plans to Temporarily Suspend Adoptions

March 14, 2005
Adoption Open Letter from Consul General of the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv of March 14, 2005
In brief

  • Why did the NAC start refusing to communicate with a family's authorized Power of Attorney in Ukraine about the status of a family's dossier or appointment date?
  • Why are whole dossiers being mailed back to families for non-compliance with documentary requirements?
  • Why does the NAC often fail to register adoption dossiers within ten days as stipulated by Ukrainian law?
  • Why is it so difficult and time-consuming to get a second/third referral?
  • Why did the NAC implement a new medical form requirement, without prior notice to the public?
  • Why doesnÒt the American Embassy become more aggressive in advocating for American adopting parents with the Ukrainian adoption authorities?
  • What the State Department Can and Cannot Do:
  • How can I file a complaint against the NAC with Ukrainian authorities?

November 21, 2004
Adoptions Open Letter from Consul General of the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine - November 18, 2004
In brief
  • Is Adoption Processing Getting Harder, or Does it Just Seem Like It?
  • Yet, Many American Parents Still Adopting Ukrainian Orphans with Relative Ease; IVs are Up
  • Creation of Embassy Checklist to Help with Orphan IV Paperwork; Fingerprint Expiration Dates
  • Booking Your Orphan Visa Appointment at the Embassy; Holiday Closures
  • Pardon our Mess: Consular Annex Is Under Construction
  • Latest News from the Ukrainian National Adoption Center: Notarized Medical Forms (Again)
  • NAC Waiting Times Increasing; December 30 - January 10 Likely to be Slow
  • Impact of Transfer of NAC Jurisdiction from Ministry of Education to Ministry of Family
  • NAC to Register Adoption Agencies/Facilitators?
  • NAC Stays True to Word (for Most Part) re Simultaneous Multiple Adoptions for Siblings Only
  • How Can Parents' Dossiers be Submitted to the NAC?
Full Text

November 11, 2004
Adoption documents checklist - letter from U.S. Embassy Kyiv

September 26, 2004
News about National Adoption Center - after October 31 it will be under the Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Children, and Youth.
According to President Kuchma Decree 852/2004 from July 31, 2004, National Adoption Center will be under the Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Children, and Youth. Currently, NAC is under the Ministry of Education.
Text of Decree

August 9, 2004
Adoption Open Letter - August 9, 2004 from Consul General of the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine:
• Useful Internet Information on Adoptions and Travel Registration
• NAC: Submission of Dossiers Up; Waiting Time Increasing; Three Times - You're Out
• Pre-paid Express Mail Envelopes Still Encouraged; Dual-language Letters Helpful
• NAC Says No More Simultaneous Multiple Adoptions Except for Biological Siblings
• We're Working on Behalf of American Parents and the Ukrainian Children They Adopt
• Importance of Post-Adoption Registration and Placement Reports
Full text - http://usembassy.kiev.ua/amcit_adoptions_openletter_aug04_eng.html

April 19, 2004
U.S. Embassy in Kiev now doing complete orphan visa processing

January, 2004
Information about adopting parents' registration numbers and dates of their appointments will no longer be released to third parties, including facilitators. This information will be mailed directly to prospective adoptive parents by official letter. You should inclose with your correspondence one or two prepaid, self-addressed international express mail envelopes (DHL or FedEx).
Full text - http://usembassy.kiev.ua/amcit_adoptions_dhl_eng.html

January 5, 2004
Latest News from the Adoption Center: Notarized Medical Forms.

December 31, 2003
New Adoption Decree becomes effective January 1, 2004. Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine # 1377 - On approval of the Procedure for registration of children who may be adopted, of the persons who wish to adopt a child, as well as for control of the respect for rights of the adopted children.

December 31, 2003
Ukraine adoption statistics for 2003

December 22, 2003
December 22, 2003, Ukraine acceded to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. The Convention provides for the simplified certification of public documents to be used in countries that have joined the convention.
Full text - http://usembassy.kiev.ua/amcit_hagueconvention_eng.html