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Olympiad in Greece. Salute to NBC.

I am filled with admiration. How timely and how symbolic! The Olympiad in Greece is such a triumph of humanity over all that devildom of late. It is such an amazing lesson to some who lost their mind in fear... But, what amuses me the most is NBC.

I couldn't force myself to watch "coverage" of the games in Atlanta. They filled air time with all kind of endless boring personal stories to make everything so dramatic. They had no time left for broadcasting of actual competition. Everything was pre-compiled. It was so ugly...

In Sydney NBC reporters seemed to wish just one thing - sleep. NBC had presumably best people in business, but they were exhausted even before the Games started. They hated each other, where they were, the money they were making, and what they were doing there. It was such a sad spectacle...

On a contrary, Olympiad in Greece appears to be a miracle! For few years nasty media scavengers impatiently howled in anticipation of a Greece fall. But they never had a chance to exult in a victory. The amazing opening ceremony demonstrated a wonderful harmony of humanity, ancient nation pride, modern technology and graceful modesty! It was done with such class! And the Games began in the same mood as the opening ceremony. Day after day after day...It blow off steam from lovers of sensational hate. The atmosphere of peaceful competition and humanity coated the globe. Somehow Gods even protected the Games from super nasty Shack and Kobi... I use only two buttons on my TV remote: On/Off and Volume. I even forgot that there are other channels. And all of a sudden I realized that I see totally different NBC. The same people. Still the best in the business. But now at their best! And in unison with the Games. With grace and confidence, and professional touch, and finesse, and admiration to american athletes, and sincere respect to other nations. They look so comfortably adjusted to each other as a group. They seem to enjoy the Games and being there. Somehow everything felt into the places. "Stories" became short and relevant, most of the coverage time is devoted to running commentaries. Even commercials look shorter and nicer. I am so proud for all NBC people, all sport commentators that bring it to us in such fashion. The Olympiad is in high gear. But the Great Victory has already achieved in hearts of millions all around the world. And I salute NBC for their well-deserved contribution to such timely call for dignity and respect between people, contrary to culture of ignorance and violence which brought great country to a shame...

August 23, 2004